Made for Ludum Dare 34! Didn't finish in time for the compo, so it's a jam entry. Still done entirely solo!


It looks the least messed-up there. On HTML5/WebGL, text is a little stretched. Mac/Linux, I have no idea. Let me know if I messed anything up.
Controls are unnecessarily difficult because I decided to do both themes, for better or for worse. So you can only move by pressing two buttons at a time. WHICH ARE:

A + JKIL to move
S + JKIL to attack
S + A to mate (in the adult situations specified below)

In other words, JKIL are your directional pointers of sorts, and A and S are more like modifiers to determine what action you'll do in that direction.

Does it feel a bit like patting your belly and rubbing your head at the same time? I mean rubbing your belly and patting your head? I mean you know what I mean. Whatever. SUFFER

You start off as a Babbivore. You are also hungry. Attack grass to rip it out of the ground and eat it. Attack trees to knock fruits out (maybe) and eat them. I wouldn't advise going after the other creatures at the very beginning of the game.

Eat enough stuff, and you grow into a Midbabbivore. Which is basically a bigger blob. You feel a little stronger than you were when you were a Babbivore. But you're still hungry. Eat more.

After that, you become a Bigbabbivore. You have leg-stumps but don't quite know how to use them. You're still hungry. But CAN YOU FEEL THE POWER GROWING WITHIN YOU? Eat more.

With persistence, you will eventually become an grownup-somethingvore. Depending on whether you ate grass, fruit, or meat the most, you will evolve into a Grassivore, Frutivore, or Meativore respectively.

As an adult, if you want to continue growing stronger, you have to find a similar species and make hearts fly out of them. How? Hold S+A near them for like, 10 seconds, i.e., until they produce an egg.

You can attack the egg if you want, but you'll only get 1 meat out of it. What you really want to do is BECOME ONE WITH THE EGG to be REBORN ANEW! And you can once again add to your stats that you can't see. And then you go back to hell again. I mean start out as a Babbivore again.

By the way, you may have noticed that you change colors as you grow. If you are certain color, that's an indicator that you are getting a 30% stat bonus associated with that color.

Grass -> green -> HP
Fruits -> blue -> Speed
Meat -> red -> Attack

Also try not to die if you're in the later stages of growth, especially as an adult. When you die, you get kicked back to Babbivore stage without getting a chance to add in stat points. That's bad. Worse if you were really close.

So why would you even want to bother with this tedious cycle of growth? Wellllllllllllll...

I guess kill that cyclops dragon like 32 units away from you in both directions. He's like, got a crown, and like, thinks he's the king of the forest, and stuff. Uh-uh! Can't have none o' that! Because YOU'RE the true king of the forest, right? You should go get that crown and then see the half-assed "win" message because I ran out of time.



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